5 Steps Towards WorldBlu Certification


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PAI was recently recognized for the third consecutive year as a WorldBlu certified company. WorldBlu measures how companies like PAI empower their employees, give them direction, provide transparency and promote freedom in the workplace. . . things that almost all of us desire from our place of employment.  We’d like to tell you that there is a super-complex formula to this that only an Ivy League MBA could understand, but the truth is that it’s a very straightforward approach to doing business . . . and man is it powerful.

1. Figure out and document what you really believe in – we call them our 9.1 core values. When you do this well and live it every day, you don’t have to tell your employees what to do. . . you give them the general framework of what’s right and what’s wrong, and empower them to use their best judgment. When individuals in your team ask “Are we living our values?”, then you know you’re on the right path. At PAI our values are our backstop to almost every decision we make as a company

2. Set a Vision . . . and make it BIG!! At PAI, we are on a mission to Change the World. It may sound crazy to an outsider, but we know we can do it and we’ve got a plan. A strong vision builds a path and creates a direction that vectors action.

3. Pack your building with awesome people – As the saying goes… ‘make sure you have the right people on the bus’. We screen every employee on cultural fit and determine if they genuinely want and appreciate the opportunity to contribute to something greater than themselves. Also, its important to create a safe environment for that passion to thrive. We want people that will drive freedom and look for opportunities for change that makes your company the company of their dreams!

4. Embrace the fact that the suits aren’t the smartest guys in the room – You must realize that your job as a leader is not to have all the answers, but to ask the right questions. When you allow the next breakout idea to come from anywhere in the organization, there is no limits to your power curve as an organization.

5. Take lots of photos along the way – Make sure your Vision and your Mission are considered in every minute of your day. Stop to acknowledge the progress, and put systems in place to highlight and celebrate these shared wins. At PAI, every Friday we give out a peer to peer award that acknowledges someone who is living our values. At this same meeting we have an open forum where we share with eachother what we did THAT WEEK that changed the world. Last year alone our tribemates discussed over 1,000 separate ‘changed the world’ items. This type of openness and dialog generates energy in the environment and measurably adds value to customers and your organization!

We hope to see you on the WorldBlu list this time next year. . . because life is too short to not work for the company of your dreams!

  1. Gavin05-16-13

    This article was very informative. My company is considering applying for WroldBlu certification for next year and we will definitely keep these recommendations in mind!

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